Cesar Caycedo

Chief Information Officer

11 years old when he moved from Colombia to New York

30+ years of marriage, with 23 of those years in the Seattle area

6 sports (baseball, basketball, gymnastics, fencing, soccer, track)

2 road trips across the United States, once in a Ford Taurus and once in a Mustang


Cesar is a “jack of all trades” both inside and outside of work. Arriving in New York from the faraway country of Colombia at age 11, Cesar learned how to be adaptable and successful in a wide variety of unfamiliar situations. His past work and extracurricular activities include coaching basketball and baseball, IT consulting, helping disabled patients, volunteering through his Church, managing an office, and fencing. Today at The Aguiar Group, you still find Cesar doing a broad variety of things: he deals with complex IT networks, manages office policy and procedures, practices yoga and Tai Chi, serves on local Boards, and attends to the needs of his 16-year-old son. We’re fortunate to have Cesar onboard at The Aguiar Group – an individual who can demonstrate success in a wide variety of areas.

Cesar is the Chief Information Officer at The Aguiar Group and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Technology Consultant. He specializes in network management and technical support, but he also serves the Firm internally by interfacing with clients, performing administrative tasks, and ensuring that the team is well-equipped with the latest technology.

In addition to his IT work, Cesar is actively involved in the community. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Bellevue YMCA and volunteers regularly with the Bellevue School District. He is also the former chairman of the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and a previous board member for the Bellevue Entrepreneur Center.

Cesar is fluent in Spanish and holds a Bachelor of Arts from The City University of New York.